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All our UK tutors hold enhanced DBS checks and go through a rigorous selection process. That's why we have an average lesson rating of 4.8 out of 5, from over 37,000 reviews!
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Try 1:1 tutoring that's affordable, tailored and flexible. Lessons are easily scheduled & rescheduled to fit into your family life.

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After a detailed assessment, we'll find the ideal tutor based on your child's needs, interests and personality to unlock their full potential.

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The free trial lesson gives you and your child the chance to get to know the tutor and discover how GoStudent works.

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Once you decide to continue with GoStudent, we'll define your child's goals and figure out the best way to achieve them together.

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Whether your child is working towards better grades, improving their confidence at school, or building on their interests, GoStudent tutors can help unlock your child's full potential.

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Who are the GoStudent tutors?

GoStudent tutors are passionate about their subjects. As well as matching students and tutors based on your child's learning needs, we also match them based on personality and interests to help keep your child motivated and excited to learn.

What services do GoStudent offer?

GoStudent wants to revolutionise online tutoring. Our expert tutors all make use of the latest digital tools to provide their students with an exciting learning environment.

In which subjects do you offer support in?

We offer tutoring in all school subjects. Our most popular subjects are maths, physics and English. If you cannot see a subject you need, please contact us.

What are the advantages of online video tutoring?

Parents are not restricted by geography when finding the right tutor for their child. Online tutoring also eliminates travel time and costs. With the recording function, the lesson can be recorded and played back at any time which can help your child digest the material at their own pace.